Analysis of stroke diagnosis verification in patients that died at home

Turgunbayev D.D., Artykbayev A.Sh., Kadyrova N., Abdraimova А., Urmanbetova А.

Kyrgyzstan has the highest mortality rate caused by cerebrovascular diseases in the European region, exceeding the figures for Kazakhstan, Russia, Moldova, CIS, EU – C and EU – A in more than 10-times. Stroke is one of the major death causes that stipulate low life expectancy in the Kyrgyz Republic. Analysis of RHIC statistical data indicates that stroke-related mortality exceeds morbidity rates. Currently, there is no appropriate stroke diagnostics (computer tomography and/or magnetic resonance imaging (CT/MRI)), so according to the HPAU’s study of 2007 the share of patients that had CT/MRI in regions was 16% and it included only patients treated in Bishkek. Therefore, stroke diagnostics is currently mainly based on methods of clinical examination of patients and doctor’s personal experience. Therefore, the study was aimed at verification of stroke diagnosis in persons that died at home, in other words, in outpatient setting on the basis of clinical documentation analysis.   

Analysis of “stroke” diagnosis verification in patients that died at home(PDF-1)