Discussion of draft report on M&E of medical education reforms

On December 23, 2015 the discussion of draft report on monitoring and evaluation of reforms in undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous medical education (2015-2017) took place in the HPAC office. The working group members participated in the discussion, namely, representatives of the MoH, medical educational institutions, staff members of NGO “The initiatives in medical education” and PF “Health Policy Analysis Center”. The objective of the discussion was to familiarize the participants with the preliminary findings obtained within the frames of M&E of medical education system reforms as well as to get feedback and comments so as to finalize the report and present it to broader audience.

Evaluation of nurses’ role in management of NCDs

Health Policy Analysis Center conducted evaluation of nurses’ role in management of some non-communicable diseases (specifically, diabetes, hypertension, COPD, palliative care) with financial support from Swiss Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic and the Reforms in Medical Education in the Kyrgyz Republic Project.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate role of nurses in care delivery to patients with some non-communicable diseases as well as barriers preventing the involvement of nurses in the process of effective management of patients with some NCDs.

The research objectives included the following:

• Evaluation of existing family doctors’ and nurses’ role and practice in NCD management (diabetes, hypertension, COPD, palliative care) in health organizations;

• Review of family doctors’ and nurses’ activity arrangement within NCD management and identification of barriers to extend role of nurses in management of some NCDs based on views of doctors, patients and nurses;

• Evaluation of nurses’ knowledge and skills and related gaps at the level of education;

• Identification of family doctors’ and nurses’ needs and the areas requiring further efforts and needed interventions to efficiently manage NCDs and increase the role of nurses in NCD management.

Based on the obtained findings, the preliminary report including recommendations has been developed for consideration of stakeholders.