Manas Taalimi ( 2006 – 2011 )

Review of the total health expenditures for 2006-2009 (on the basis of the National health accounts)(PDF-4)

Study of the factors influencing use of generic drugs(PDF-5)

Situation analysis on appropriateness of hospitalization of children under 5 and pregnant women(PDF-6)

Socio-medical causes of mortality of children under 2 years old who died at home and during the first 24 hours after hospitalization(PDF-7)

Investigation of enteric infection causes of unknown etiology(PDF-8)

Rapid assessment protocol for insuln access in Kyrgyzstan(PDF-9)

Review of Total Health Expenditures for 2006-2008: NHA(PDF-10)

Family Group Practices : Analysis and Evaluation of Various Organizational Forms(PDF-11)

Causes of Physicians Attrition from the Health System of Kyrgyzstan(PDF-12)

The Impact of Global Health Initiatives in Kyrgyzstan(PDF-13)

Tracking Global HIV/AIDS Initiatives and their Impact on the Health System: the Experience of the Kyrgyz Republic(PDF-14)

General Practice Centers: Access and Efficiency(PDF-15)

Analysis of the Medium-Term Financial Sustainability of the State Guaranteed Benefits Package(PDF-16)

Quality of Treatment and Prevention of Stroke in the Kyrgyz Republic(PDF-17)

Quality of Treatment and Prevention of Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) in the Kyrgyz Republic(PDF-18)

Health and accessibility of health care for residents of new development areas (Novostroiki) in Bishkek(PDF-19)