Den Sooluk ( 2012 — 2016 )

Integration of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 in the strategic programs of Kyrgyzstan’s healthcare sector and the country’s Development Strategy 2030 (PDF-1)

Comparative analysis of cardio-vascular patient hospitalizations by regions (2016) (PDF-2)

Reasons for low health care seeking among men with hypertension in Kyrgyzstan (2016) (PDF-3)

Addressing Underutilized Capacity for NCD Care: new role for Family Doctors/General Practitioners and Nurses? (2015) (PDF-4)

Situational Analysis of the Chronic Kidney Disease Incidence and the Main Risk Factors for Its Development and Progression in the Kyrgyz Republic (2015) (PDF-5)

Cost estimation of medicinal treatment of hypertension in the Kyrgyz Republic with the view of creating possible drug supply mechanisms ensuring free-of-charge HTN treatment (2014) (PDF-6)

Analysis of Stroke Diagnosis Verification in Patients That Died at Home (2014) (PDF-7)

Evaluation of Postgraduate and Continuing Medical Education in the Kyrgyz Republic (2013) (PDF-8)

Research note on Maternal Mortality in the Kyrgyz Republic (2012) (PDF-9)

Analytics & research.Overview of current health sector and evaluation of PHC efficiency(PDF-10)

Evaluation of PHC specialists in management of cardio-vascular diseases(PDF-14)