Manas ( 1996 – 2005 )

Analysis of the MHIF’s cased-based database: reliability of data and rate of unnecessary hospitalizations (draft only for discussion)(PDF-58)

Fiscal decentralization and options for the Kyrgyz health financing system: reflections on three options(PDF-59)

Evaluating Manas Health Sector Reforms (1996-2005): Focus on Health Financing.(PDF-60)

Evaluating Manas Health Sector Reforms (1996-2005): Focus on Restructuring.(PDF-61)

Evaluating Manas Health Sector Reforms (1996-2005): Focus on PHC Service.(PDF-62)

Trends in public and private health expenditures in the Kyrgyz Republic.(PDF-63)

Health expenditures, reforms and policy priorities for the Kyrgyz Republic.(PDF-64)

Innovations in resource allocation, pooling and purchasing in the Kyrgyz health system.(PDF-65)

Perceptions of the co-payment policy among patients and health personnel.(PDF-66)

Addressing informal payments in Kyrgyz hospitals:a preliminary assessment.(PDF-67)

Situation analysis on human resources in the health sector of the Kyrgyz Republic.(PDF-68)

Performance indicators and evaluation framework for 2nd World Bank-funded health project for the Kyrgyz Republic.(PDF-69)

Methods for evaluating effects of health reforms.(PDF-70)