M&E workshop for oblast level specialists and staff of the MoH

Based on a request from the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, on 12-13 November, 2015 theHPAC organized the workshop on «Monitoring and evaluation of health organizations’ performance in the framework of National “Den Sooluk” Health Care Reform Program of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2012-2016».

This workshop was aimed at improving practical skills for analysis and interpretation of data collected as well as preparation of reports on monitoring and evaluation of Den Sooluk Program within the confines of four priority areas: Mother and Child Health, CVD, TB and AIDS.

Core trainers of the workshop were Rakhat Cholurova (Policy and Service Delivery Expert of the Defeat TB Project) and Olga Kindyakova (Deputy Director of RHIC). Specialists directly involved in data collection, analysis and interpretation and, namely, deputy oblast  coordinators responsible for monitoring and evaluation of oblast health system performance, directors of oblast health information centers, chiefs of health information units of Bishkek and Osh health departments as well as technical coordinators of the KR MoH, responsible for monitoring and evaluation within four priority areas of Den Sooluk Program at the national level took part in the workshop.

The workshop participants remained happy with the content and organization quality of the workshop and expressed their hope that similar workshops will be conducted also for technical specialists responsible for monitoring at raion level, since, in their view, this will contribute to the reliability and quality of data collection, high-quality analysis and correct interpretation.

Decree of the MoH (including agenda and list of participants)(PDF-1)

List of participants with signatures(PDF-2)