Manas Taalimi ( 2006 – 2011 )

A financial gap in the implementation of the SBPP in health institutions of the Single Payer System(PDF-16)

Performance evaluation of narrow specialists of family medicine centers(PDF-17)

Evaluation of implementation and effectiveness of the National Drug Policy of the KR for 2002-2010(PDF-18)

Access to health services and OOPPs in Kyrgyzstan: Household Survey (2001-2010)(PDF-19)

Situtational Analysis of Hospital Substituting Facilities in FMCs(PDF-20)

Evaluation of Existing Mechanism to Allocate Additional Wages in Health Organizations(PDF-21)

Developing Mechanisms of Zoning in the KR based on Regional Policy Conception(PDF-22)

Effectiveness of microbiological laboratories in diagnostics and treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases(PDF-23)

National Health Accounts in Kyrgyzstan: Overview of total health expenditures in 2009(PDF-24)

Situation analysis on determination of types and volumes of fee paying services delivered by health organizations(PDF-25)

Situational analysis on appropriateness of hospitalization of children under 5 and pregnant women(PDF-26)

Analysis of factors influencing on use of generic drugs(PDF-27)

Rapid Assessment Protocol for Insulin Access in Kyrgyzstan(PDF-28)

Rational Distribution of the Sanitary Vehicles by Regional Health Organizations of the KR and Efficiency of Their Exploitation(PDF-29)

National Health Accounts in Kyrgyzstan : Review of Total Health Expenditures for 2008(PDF-30)

Social – medical causes of mortality of children under 2 years old, who died at home and during the first 24 hours after hospitalization(PDF-31)

Reasons of increased incidence of acute enteric infections of unknown etiology(PDF-32)

FGP : analysis and evaluation of various organizational forms(PDF-33)

The health effects and costs of the interventions to control CVD in Kyrgyzstan(PDF-34)

The GAVI Health Systems Strengthening Tracking Study, 2009(PDF-35)

Tracking Global HIV / AIDS Initiatives and Their Impact on the Health System: the experience of the Kyrgyz Republic(PDF-36)

Improving Financial Protection in Kyrgyzstan through Reducing Informal Payments: evidence from 2001-06(PDF-37)

Methodological Guideline: NHA Sub-accounts for TB system in Kyrgyzstan(PDF-38)

Review of Total Health Expenditures on TB programme in Kyrgyzstan, 2007: NHA Sub-accounts on TB Control Programme(PDF-39)

National Health Accounts in Kyrgyzstan :Review of 2007 Total Health Expenditures(PDF-40)

Evaluation of “Doctor’s Deposit” Program(PDF-41)

Why are our doctors leaving? Exploring the reasons behind migration of medical personnel in Kyrgyzstan.(PDF-42)<

Analysis of the current system of sale, marketing and advertisement of feeding formulas for infants (breast milk substitutes) in the Kyrgyz Republic.(PDF-43)

Tracking Global HIV/AIDS Initiatives and their impact on health system: the Experience of the Kyrgyz Republic (Interim Report)(PDF-44)

Report on National Health Accounts in Kyrgyzstan: Review of total health expenditures for 2006(PDF-45)

Access to health care in areas serviced by General Health Care Centers (GHCCs) and operating efficiency of GHCCs(PDF-46)

Health, health seeking behavior and out of pocket expenditures in Kyrgyzstan, 2007(PDF-47)

Quality of treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the Kyrgyz Republic(PDF-48)

Health Systems Effectiveness in Hypertension Control in Kyrgyzstan(PDF-49)

Analysis of the Medium-Term Financial Sustainability of the State Guaranteed Benefits Package(PDF-50)

Contracting mechanism to improve access to essential drugs – the Kyrgyz Outpatient Drug Benefit(PDF-51)

The First Report on National Health Accounts in Kyrgyzstan: Review of Total Health Expenditures, 2004(PDF-52)

Quality evaluation of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI) implementation and outline of barriers for its sustainability on all levels of Primary Health Care(PDF-53)

Rural Pharmacy Pilot in Jumgal Rayon Supported by MHIF & KSHRSP(PDF-54)

Information flows in health sector, 2005(PDF-55)

Kyrgyz Household Health Finance Survey. Health, health seeking behaviour and out of pocket expenditures in Kyrgyzstan(PDF-56)

Health of internal migrants living in Novostroiki of Bishkek city and their access to health care(PDF-57)